Awesome Summer Vacation Ideas for School Students

Examinations have come to an end, and it is summer vacation time for children. So many kids spend their holidays sitting on coaches by playing video games, watching television or playing on screens. Here are awesome ideas that can make your kids super happy, joyful and meaningful summer vacation.


Summer is a great time to explore and learn a new language. Especially for kids. Exploring a new language will be super fun and they will love it the most.

  • Download an application(app)
  • Purchase a workbook for learning new languages.
  • Work through an online tutorial
  • Hire a tutor to understand the language better.

Sometimes it is just too hot to be outside. On these occasions, move your kid’s playtime into indoor. Playtime is the best way to keep both their body and mind fit.


When the final school bell rings, it is very tempting to keep your textbooks shut for the entire summer. Whenever they get bored, instead of looking back on the previous school year, look ahead to the next year’s books. Ask them to read the books and practice the skills that will help for the next academic year. This preparation will definitely pay off once you get into the next academic year.


Summer is the perfect time to head outside, especially in mornings and evenings. You can allow them to enjoy the great outdoors If they have a bicycle and a helmet, allow them for a bicycle ride.


A few years ago, before the arrival of screens, kids spend their summer days playing games. Allow your kids to play outdoor games with friends. The next time consider playing:

  • Seven steps
  • Four-square
  • Seven stones
  • Lock and key
  • Hide and seek

Make their vacation something special! The possibilities are endless.

  • Invent their own fantasy world
  • Create new currencies ask them to circulate with their friends.
  • Design clothing or home decor
  • Make up a new board game

Master a new hobby for them. Potential hobbies include:

  • Crocheting, sewing, or knitting
  • Fixing up an old car or bike
  • Cooking or baking
  • Painting nail art
  • Gardening
  • Dog training
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Sri Nachammal Vidyavani
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