Campus Tour

The campus tour is the facility that Nachammal provides to the prospective students and their family members as well as to the other visitors in order to learn about the school campus, facilities, students’ life, culture on campus, academics and programs and a lot like it. During these tours, the prospective students are able to learn about the environment and overall look and feel of their school. It comprises of a walk around the section, preceded by an information session presented by the member or a team in the faculty. Our admission team is here to help and guide you through this program, which would help you to finalize your choice at Nachammal.

Why are we Unique?

Nachammal is unique while comparing to the other international schools. We employ all the possibilities in order to mold the students to be the best individuals. Nachammal is unique because it offers the students best opportunities to grow and develop themselves in terms knowledge, skills, talents, athletics and in their overall realms. It is also unique with its infrastructure facilities which compete with all the international schools and standards. The curricular and extracurricular activities, the resourceful faculties, the academic programmes are designed in a way which is inimitable and exceptional in its standards and results. All the above factors make Nachammal to be an exceptional school, which is incomparable to the others, in providing an excellent learning experience.

  • Campus tours
  • Infrastructure facilities.
  • Academic programs.
  • Resourceful staffs
  • Co-curricular activities.
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • International accreditations
  • Smart class rooms