Confidence is self-belief in one’s ability and skills, to perform various tasks and face challenges with complete trust in ourselves, confidence is not only a belief in one’s skills and experiences but also a belief in our own feeling of well being and belief of our mind and body.

Thus having self-confidence in oneself
  • Helps one to believe in themselves

  • Makes you always a happy person

  • Maintains a positivity level destroying negative thoughts

  • Helps in decision making

  • It always brings success

  • No self-doubt

  • You are always energetic and will lead from the front

  • It increases your focus and improves the leadership quality

  • Improves the body language

Parental guidance

Parents are considered the first teachers of every child. they play a vital role in teaching their children what is right and wrong from their birth.

  • Communicating with your child about self-image will help them avoid comparing themselves with others

  • It is extremely important to discuss making good choices regarding peer pressure.

  • Provide opportunities for your child to learn new skills along with you.

  • When your child has done the right thing or really shown progress, let him or she know how much it means to you.

  • Teach your child about goal setting, time management

  • Spend valuable time with your kids.

Teachers role
  • Share inspirational quotes and stories with your students.

  • Provide opportunities for them to learn more

  • Listen to students communicate with one and other

  • Base your classroom with model appropriate behavior

  • Make your students aware of their strengths or what you may perceive as their strengths with positive energy

  • Teach them moral values

  • Make them realize their own talents and encourage them to work towards it

Peer support
  • Mutuality among the peers

  • Sharing with safety and trust

  • Focusing on strengths and potential

  • Equality and empowerment

  • Being able to be yourself

  • Respect and inclusiveness

Encouraging kids
  • Focusing on their efforts

  • Improve the self-esteem with positive words

  • Praise them sincerely and honestly

  • Avoid controlling them instead understand them

  • Support them to focus on their self valuation

  • Make them feel bold and fearless

  • Encourage them to be open-minded

  • Avoid comparison

  • Make your words clear and direct

  • Honesty and integrity serves as a role model

  • Optimism is contagious

  • Boost their creativity and self-awareness

  • Make them socialize

Spreading love
  • Believe and trust yourself first

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Smile at people/strangers

  • Hug closed ones

  • Greet people with beautiful words

  • Compliment someone

  • Say sorry, please and thank you

  • Listen with all your attention

  • Express kindness and gratitude

  • Empathize people

  • Never be judgemental

  • Make your presence

Sri Nachammal Vidyavani
Sri Nachammal Vidyavani
A stellar Institution, Sri Nachammal Vidyavani School is a co-educational school that classes from Play Group to Grade XII. The school identifies the needs of each and every student and encourages their academic, social and emotional development.

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