Research is the best way to find out the right answers for the question and Indians are best in the IQ. To utilize that highest IQ of Indian brain the children should be strong in their basic. So we are teaching the students to become innovators in all fields. By this practice, we can find much more talent from the student and guide them for their best feature.

Need is the mother of Invention!

Nachammal ensures that special significance is given to faculty and the academic researchers. Induction programs are arranged frequently for the faculties, in order to keep them sharpened and updated with the area of knowledge imparting.
For the clay has to reach to the hands of a good handcrafted, to be a beautiful craft, that people love. Similarly, in order to frame out or mold out good individuals, the students must reach with safe and good hands. Nachammal understands the vital role of good and well-equipped teachers, to impart the knowledge to the students.