Student Orientation Program

Starting school can cause much anxiety in the heart of a new student because of all the unknowns. New student orientation programs are designed to guide students in answering all of these questions and to make a familiarity with the students and school. Prior to the beginning of classes, students are given an overview of the complete realm of school life, from academics to extracurricular activities, through a period of days referred to as orientation.

  • Will I make any friends?
  • How will I find all of my classes?
  • Whom do I ask if I have a question?

Typically, a staff member or team coordinates the orientation programs. However, regardless of the nature of the program, three objectives should be present in all orientation programs:

  • Introducing students to the new school life
  • Acclimating students to their new surroundings
  • Providing an opportunity for the school faculty to meet the newest members of the community

Our Students

Develop a passion for learning, If you do, you will start to cease to grow


Special Programmes

Our students are made familiarize to all activities in a diiferent manner.

  • Karate Classes
  • Eco Club
  • Math Club
  • Yoga
  • Visual & Performing Art
  • Sloka Classes
  • Heritage Club
  • Public Speaking
  • N.I.E(Newspaper in Education)