To create, explore and nurture the inherent talent of every student at Sri Nachammal Vidyavani School.
To create ethical and moral leaders for society, especially entrepreneurial leaders who can help create a prosperous nation. All our children are like butterflies in the wind, some can fly higher than others..
Each one flies the best in a journey we all share together.
Why compare one against the other one.

  • Each one is different!
  • Each one is special!
  • Each one makes us proud!
  • Each one has their unique place within our school!


Together we inspire the love of learning, empowering all students with the courage, confidence, creativity, and compassion to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.

We inspire all of our students to continuous inquiry, empowering them with the skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others.