Every person in this world runs towards a dream that they aspire to achieve. Every success starts with the smallest of dreams that they had during their childhood. Though everyone dreams few succeed in pursuing them, the secret behind the successful people getting more successful is the ability to change their dream into goals. Goals are nothing but customized written down dreams. When you plan to achieve your dream the primary step is to write down your goal. There are a few steps that help you to pursue your goal.


A written down dream is called a goal and a broken down goal is called a plan. When you break down your goal it becomes very much easy for you to track your goals. By breaking down your goals into smaller pieces of chunks it is more effective to follow and pursue.


One of the reasons that people don’t achieve their goal is that they are not focused more on it. They get easily distracted due to the over usage of technologies. Most people of these generations are hypnotized by the white screen that they have before them. In order to constantly work on your dream, you have to continuously track your dream. When you aren’t tracking your goal you will probably be getting disappointed in your first obstacle and there are more chances that you would leave your goal. So have an achievable goal and start to track them regularly.


Another important role that you have to do to reach your goal is to review on a daily basis so that you could correct your mistakes and can improve your success ratio. Winners are made only on the basis of constant improvement that they make on themselves. If you had marked your goal then the next step is to review them and correct your mistakes at an effective pace.


As far as working for a goal is concerned you have to set a date to accomplish that goal. A race without a finish line is always uncertain. So as you start to work set an end date for it. there is nothing motivating as a deadline. So start to give time to each and every goal.


The best rejoice that you can have is appreciation and celebration after every goal. Once you achieve your goal, stop and celebrate the victory that is made. The victor may be small as waking up early or as big as scoring centum in a subject, celebrate them in your very own way. Celebrating every goal psychologically helps you to concentrate more on your next goal. As your brain understands emotions more than the words express your happiness through celebrating it in a big way.


When you strive to achieve a bigger goal, it’s better to have the supervision of a person who has expertise in it. Most of the successful people irrespective of their field have coaches to coach them both physically and psychologically. From sportspersons to the most successful CEO’s of silicon valley have separate coaches who train them to express their peak performance towards their career. These coaches are especially known as peak performance coaches. These types are coaches are recommended when reaching higher-order goals in life.


As to the proverb goes’ Early bird catches the worms’ your brain works 100% during the morning times. so use your morning time to strive for your goal. Research says that when you work for 2 1/2 hours every day for 10 years you would be the master in whatever field that you have taken. So make your morning times more productive to stay on track of your goal.
“Dreams aren’t something that comes while sleeping: dreams are which that doesn’t let you sleep.” Have a dream: make it a goal: work for it every day. These are a few steps that could take you towards your goal but it’s you who have to achieve it. Dream big! Live bigger!!

Sri Nachammal Vidyavani
Sri Nachammal Vidyavani
A stellar Institution, Sri Nachammal Vidyavani School is a co-educational school that classes from Play Group to Grade XII. The school identifies the needs of each and every student and encourages their academic, social and emotional development.

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